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The 8 Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists  

was previously known as the 8 Ball Welfare Foundation.



Thank you SO SO much, Roberta! 
I will be forever grateful for this assistance in such a bleak time. I will breathe and sleep a little easier. 

                                                                                         * * *


Hi Tony, 

I received the grant check. Thank you so much for this help as I try to navigate the challenges ahead.  I will keep you posted on when I land on my feet with full-time work. Whenever that happens, you have my word that I will give a monthly donation moving forward.

Thank you again.

                                                                                         * * *


From Anthony Lipari, El Camino College journalism student:

HI Bob, I want to thank you for the 8 Ball scholarship, which will help me pay for books and supplies for my classes for the spring semester and beyond. This is great for helping journalists in tough situations, so I am grateful for the 8 Ball grants that help me and many others.

Thank you again, Anthony.

                                                                                         * * *


From Cal State Long Beach Journalism Senior Joy Rowden:

Hi Mr. Smith, 

It was nice to meet you in person!  I struggle to keep up with my finances as a full-time college student who lives on her own. I got this student grant out of nowhere, and it's things like this that give me the motivation to keep going when things get tough. I appreciate the 8-Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists and everything it does.

                                                                                          * * *

From Cal State Northridge Journalism Senior Michaella Huck:

I am honored to be one of the student recipients of an 8 Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists 2021 grant.  I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your generosity, which will help me pay my outstanding balance to register for classes next semester and graduate on time.

I chose journalism because I've always been overly curious, my mom likes to call it nosey.  As a child, my favorite question was always "Why?"   Attending CSUN,  I have taken every opportunity to obtain internships and have interned at publications like LA Parent Magazine, AfterbuzzTV and Masterpiece Theater.   I am currently an intern at Dot.LA and Calmatters.  Additionally, I am a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc.

As a student who works hard and has a passion for journalism, I would like to thank      the 8 Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists for all you are doing for students like me to overcome financial difficulties.

                                                                                            * * *

'I find myself once again thanking you profusely for both your extreme generosity and swiftness of action. I should have recorded the look on my wife's face when the mail arrived yesterday!  There are promising signs, work-wise, so I'm confident that your grant will carry me over until I'm back to my pre-COVID workload.

With thanks again and best regards.

* * *

I just received my mail and was pleasantly surprised I cannot thank you and your organization enough!! I truly appreciate it and from the bottom of my heart thank you you have no idea how much this means during these times!!

I intend to keep writing even though the demand and pay is not where it was before the pandemic but I won't stop freelancing.

The grant is MUCH appreciated and will go to pay bills.

When I am able I would certainly love to donate and when things get better financially after this Pandemic, God willing, I would love to join your organization!

Again, This means the world to me you have no idea again how much help this will give me and my family!!!

I truly appreciate this!!!

Much Respect and Appreciation,

                                                                                                 * * *


I can never repay 8-Ball for saving my home. I have only been able to pay forward just a tiny fraction of what I received.  I’m glad that I can be on the giving end.

Thanks and merry Christmas.

* * *

Dearest Tony and Bob.

I am a writer but today I have no words. 

I cannot thank you enough nor express what your grant means to me and my kids. Having had the year we have with me being sick and now Covid - opening your letter today made my heart burst with light and gratefulness (and my eyes with tears of joy).

From the bottom of my heart - thank you so, so much. 

Again, words cannot really explain what your gesture means.  

I will for sure do my best to get back on my feet - and looking forward to donating and paying it forward so someone else in need will experience the extraordinary help I am right now. 


With tears of joy - and for sure I would give you the World´s biggest hug, if Covid didn´t prohibit it
                                                                                                 * * *

I received the check from Roberta, it was lovely to meet her. I'm so grateful for the grant. Thank you so much!

* * *

Today, as I usually do every morning, I went to the mail box to see if I got any mail.
Any notice, any indication that my Stimulus might be on its way, a letter that might tell me how my day is going to be.  Well, today, I opened it and found a 8 Ball Welfare Foundation blue letter, which I took and carried with me inside the house. I called my wife and told her.. we got a letter… I just could not wait any longer and opened it…took it out, not knowing what to feel and expect… then something fell out of it… looked like a check…laid on the ground. Being on the eve of our next rent I was really hopeful…. but not as much as when I picked it up and saw …that it was a check for $3,000.

I have no words to describe my gratitude.  As well as the re-affirmed conviction that there are people out there STILL wanting to help each other given the chance…Maybe the American Dream is not dead.

* * *

Dear Tony,  First, thank you so much for taking the time to make sure my application had all the necessary info for processing, and all the help with it.

Second, of course, I am beyond grateful for the generous grant from 8 Ball. My cup has runneth over as my elderly neighbor used to say.  You can only imagine the moment I opened the envelope! The sigh of relief was heard around the block.


The grant gives me so much hope that things are going to get better, and now I don't have to worry about how to pay the next bill. I already have renewed energy to approach editors with pitches, and even though all of them will not get greenlit, I know some will.


And hopefully at some point things improve so much that I can pay it forward and donate to the foundation or help in some other way. Please, don't hesitate to ask if there is something I can do. 

* * *

Hi Tony:

I'm writing to express my huge gratitude (and considerable astonishment) at receiving your extremely generous grant this morning. This will make such a huge difference to my family. I will indeed be donating to the 8-Ball Welfare Foundation just as soon as I get back on my feet.

Thank you again. 

                                                                                              * * *


This Grant gives me a ray of hope to survive and recover through this very difficult time. The 8-Ball Welfare Foundation is a Blessing...

* * * 

Mr. Tony Valdez and The 8-Ball Foundation,


My wife and I would like you to know how much we greatly appreciate the gracious gift we received.  This grant from The 8-Ball Foundation will certainly help us, get through this tough time we are going through.  There has never been a day in my nearly forty years in the TV News Business here in Los Angeles, that I thought, I would ever wonder where my next dollar is coming from. But due to an unexpected turn of events and the crisis of the CORONA-19 Pandemic; this is truly an unprecedented time.

We truly hope this is a short-term situation and certainly looking forward to better days ahead, getting back to work or starting a new path.  Either way, there will be a day when we will be able to "give-back", and donate back to the 8-Ball Foundation, and help someone else who is going through an unexpected hard time.

Once again we THANK YOU !
We Thank You Tony! 
We Thank You Board Members! 
We Thank You Donors of the 8-Ball Foundation!

* * * 

Dear 8-Ball Board,

I would like to thank you for your generosity in helping me fund my passion and career in such a trying time.   Me and my family are grateful for your support and words of kindness.


I will never forget the 8-Ball Welfare Foundation and will continue to support and donate to the foundation so that you can continue to aid other journalists.


Kindest Regards,

A photojournalist based in Los Angeles

* * * 

Hi Tony,

I received the letter and grant check in the mail today and wanted to say thank you. I truly appreciate the help during this tough time. It helps relieve some of the stress while I'm on furlough and things are so uncertain.


It's going to make a world of difference. I can't thank you and the Board enough for your generosity. 

Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from any of my job applications, but it's somewhat expected with everything going on.   I'm going to stay positive and keep trying.

Also, thank you very much for the compliment about my photography. I appreciate the kind words, it means a lot to hear that from fellow journalists. 


Thank you again. I hope you are staying safe and healthy.



I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the foundation today when I received the check and saw that the grant was for way more than what I had requested. 

I cannot tell you how thankful I am to you, Reed and all the foundation members and donors. Right now I am focused on getting a job as soon as possible but I will give back to the foundation when I get back on my feet, hopefully soon. 

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Happy New Year!"

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that incredible gift.  It's not just money you're giving.  It's a roof over my head, food, and some peace.  The work that you do is invaluable and life-impacting. I will most definitely pass this blessing along tenfold!
God bless you, XOXO"

* * *

"Dear Mr. Valdez,

I am overjoyed with gratitude for the generous check I received from you!  Thank you so very much! It is definitely a massive help to me. As I move toward physical wellness, having this money is definitely enabling me to improve my financial health as well.   Certainly, once things stabilize and improve for me, I’m happy to make a donation to 8-Ball to help other journalists in need. I know first-hand how tough it is out there, and how an injury or health issue can manifest into a financial crisis. So, I look forward to being able pay it forward."



"I would like to thank Tony Valdez and the Board of Directors from the 8 Ball Foundation for their generous grant. My wife and I have been in the journalism and broadcasting business for over 30 years combined and have loved every minute of it. Suddenly we found ourselves in a very difficult situation which included health issues, a layoff and other unforeseen circumstances. Life happens whether you're ready or not and when it does, it’s important to know that you have somewhere to turn. The 8 Ball Foundation was there for us and we can’t thank them enough. This incredible Foundation has created hope and a chance for us to make it through an impossible situation. We encourage everyone to learn more about and help support the 8 Ball Foundation. Thank you so much for your support, caring and financial help!"

* * * 

"Dear Mr. Bob Tarlau,
"I am incredibly appreciative to have been selected to be an 8 Ball grant recipient.  The foundation's generous gift brings peace of mind after a very tumultuous holiday season.  From the moment of my first inquiry, your board of directors were incredibly helpful, kind and caring as I divulged the particulars of my situation.  It is gratifying to know that our industry consists of genuinely good people trying to help others and it reconfirms why I am so dedicated to my news career.  I look forward to being able to return the favor so the foundation can continue helping others.  Thank you Mr. Tarlau and a heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in assisting me during my time of great need."


"Thank you so much for your incredibly generous gift. There really are no words to let you know
how much this means to us, but I will try. The thought that other people care so much touches us
very deeply. If any of you have gone through anything like this or are going through it, you can
understand. We are blessed in so many ways and we have to always remember that, however this
has been a long tough journey for both of us. Your gift really lightens the load especially at this
time.  God bless you all and thank you again from the bottom of our hearts."


"I wanted to thank the Board of Directors of the 8 Ball Foundation for the financial assistance I received.  It came just in time when I was facing a financial deadline.  I have been struggling for several years now and it finally came to a head.  The assistance enabled me to get back on track.  And to know that it came from fellow Journalists is special.  I will forever be grateful."

"There are few words that adequately convey how grateful I am. My health needs are - for now - vastly helped with the amazing and generous grant from the 8-Ball Welfare Foundation.​   I was flaberghasted when the check arrived.  Thanks you so much!"

* * *

"I just want to take a moment to thank the 8-Ball Welfare Foundation and express my sincere gratitude for your kind words and incredible generosity.  I am truly touched by this financial assistance which will be of immense help as I navigate some rough waters.  I must say, I feel extremely humbled to have had the opportunities I've had to work within the local television news community here in Los Angeles.

Gathering and reporting the news is my life's passion, and I feel positive about the future of my news career here in Southern California.  Again, I can not adequately put into words how grateful I am to the entire Board for this grant.  I am anxiously looking forward to the day, hopefully soon, when I can give back and support this amazing foundation.   Please pass along my heartfelt appreciation to the other board members."

"Thank you so much, once again, for everything. This emergency fund money is a huge blessing! It's been a long struggle, and I am incredibly thankful to be helped financial in such a big way that will be a tremendous help in getting my life & career back on track.   I don't think words could ever quite fully express my gratitude I have towards the foundation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

* * *

"I just received the check from the foundation.....I cannot begin to tell you how helpful this will be....thank you for your counsel and advice....I will always be was even more emotional for me because it arrived the day before my birthday....what a gift!"


"The depth of compassion and empathy shown by the 8-Ball Foundation was magnificent.  The check is such a help as I combat significant health issues.  To me there will never by a ‘-30-‘ in the gratitude I feel.  I look forward to the time when I am able to contribute to the foundation."

* * *

"Dearest 8 Ball Welfare Foundation Board:

I am offering sincerest thanks and gratitude to the 8 Ball Welfare Foundation for assisting families in times of need. Three years ago, the 8 Ball Foundation helped my family maintain health care coverage during a time of work transition, and it proved invaluable as family members were able to seek care they deeply needed. Once again, this month, I turned to the Foundation when work payment delays caused a financial crisis for my family. As an independent news producer and author, it's difficult in the best of times, and because of the Foundation's kindness and generosity, I am able to continue providing for my family while I weather production and payment delays. I am looking forward to contributing to the Foundation in the future, and I encourage anyone in a position to do so, to help support the 8 Ball Welfare Foundation in small ways or large. The Foundation serves as a reminder that there is such a thing as the Fourth Estate, it's the true veterans of news who stand by their own unflinchingly. "


2015 and earlier:

"Honestly, we are both so humbled by and grateful for this gesture and opportunity, and will use this grant as wisely as we possibly can. Meantime, I remain optimistic, yet cautious.  If we can, someday, repay this either directly or in kind by 'passing it forward,' please know we will be thinking of this.   Please pass along our best wishes to all the members of the 8-Ball Welfare Foundation, and if there is anything I, or we can do for you in the future, do not hesitate to ask.  Thanks to (Chairman) Bob Krauch for his nice letter that accompanied the check.  All the best."

                                                                                                    * * *

“I admit that even talking to you, a fellow journalist, was absolutely nourishing to me.  I thank you for your encouragement, upbeat attitude and understanding.  The grant you awarded me gave me the much-needed space to recover and get back on my feet—without having to live in my car.  As long as I live, I will never forget your kindness and generosity.”

* * *

“Thank you so very much for your gracious, generous, life-saving kindness.  Each penny of what you have provided to get me back on my feet will be judiciously used to insure success.   May these gifts given to me and all the others you have helped return to you and each of your distinguished Board members in what many refer to as ‘treasures in heaven.’”

“But for the help from 8-Ball, I shudder to think of the horrible position I would be in now.  I will continue my quest for re-employment and when I am back on my feet I will definitely remember the 8-Ball Foundation.  I thank you again for the lifeline.”

“My family and I are deeply grateful for the generous grant we received from the 8-Ball Welfare Foundation.  It provided critical assistance at a strategic time of need.”

“Please accept these few lines of gratitude to the Board for your generous and quick response to my plea for help.  The money has already been put to good use.  It is not easy to ask for help, but sometimes reality has a way of pushing pride aside.”

“I greatly appreciated the generosity of the 8-Ball Welfare Foundation.  I also want to thank you for the moral support you gave me through your letter.  It really meant a great deal to me.”

“Your 8-Ball assistance is a tremendous help.  I can’t thank you enough.”

* * *
In presenting a Good Works Grant, the Good News Foundation stated:  “The 8-Ball Welfare Foundation lives up to its name by offering financial aid to the newsperson who finds themselves unexpectedly behind the 8-Ball.”


"Thank you so much for the welfare grant in support of my young family.  It will help us so much in our poignant time of need.  My wife and I feel such gratitude to be part of an industry and community that takes care of its own like this.  You can expect our membership and dedication when we are steady again."

"Thank you to the 8-Ball Foundation for the most generous grant.  It was badly needed and greatly appreciated.  I do plan on making a contribution to the organization when my financial situation improves.  Once again, thank you very much for your generosity."

"I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your grant.  It has helped me immensely.  I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t gotten some type of financial aid.  Again, thank you and God bless you all."


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