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Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra (below) are among the Hollywood luminaries who helped raise funds to start the 8-Ball Welfare Foundation (now the 8 Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists).


The expression "being behind the 8-Ball" came from a game. In life, it means being stuck in a position where any move will have a negative effect: trapped with no way forward.  


At the 8 Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists (previously known as the 8 Ball Welfare Foundation), we have been able to provide the way forward for many fellow journalists.  

In 1954, many journalists were left unemployed with the demise of the original Los Angeles Daily News. 

Being "Behind the 8-Ball"


"The phrase comes from pool (or billiards). When the cue (white) ball is behind the eight (black) ball, a player usually doesn't have a shot."

- American Heritage Dictionary


Looking for a way to help these out-of-work journalists through a tough time, the Greater Los Angeles Press Club formed the 8-Ball Welfare Foundation and turned to Hollywood for help.  Bob Hope, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra were among the organization's earliest fundraisers. 


 “The stars appeared at gala fundraisers that netted the foundation more than $200,000,” according to Foundation Chairman Bob Krauch.


The Fund, which became independent in 1956, provides thousands of dollars a year to help journalists in need pay for food, housing, medical care and other essential expenses. When funding allows, we also provide grants to journalism students in the Greater Los Angeles area.


The Fund provides a safety net for the Southern California journalism community but we can't do it without your help.


Our donors make it all possible and a click on this line will take you to our donation page. 


Every dollar you contribute goes directly to help members or future members of our profession. 

In July, 2020 the 8-Ball Welfare Foundation became the 8 Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists.   We are a non-profit 501(c)3 private foundation as described under section 509(a) of the IRS code.  


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