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Donations to the 8 Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists are tax-deductible. Every dollar contributed goes directly into our grant funds, ready to help those in need.


We are a non-profit 501(c)3 private foundation as described under section 509(a) of the IRS code. The IRS currently lists us as: “Greater Los Angeles Press Club Eight Ball Welfare Foundation.”  The IRS will soon be updating its records to reflect our new name:  8 Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists.  Since 1956, the Fund has operated independently of the Press Club.


There are now two ways you can make a donation and receive an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes.



1. BY MAIL: You can download the donation form, print it out and mail it with your check to:

8 Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists
PO Box 10186
Burbank, CA 91510-0186


2. BY PAYPAL:   We also offer the convenience of making a donation through PayPal, using your PayPal account, or a credit or debit card.


This transaction will be between PayPal and yourself, meaning the 8 Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists (previously known as the 8 Ball Welfare Foundation) will not receive your credit card or PayPal account details. To take advantage of this, please click on the PayPal "Donate" logo below.

In 2010, we received our largest-ever donation: $50,000 from Jacki Wells Cisneros when she and her husband, Gilbert, scored a big payday thanks to plain good luck…and the California Lottery. At the time, Jacki was an assignment editor at KNBC. She wanted to give back to her profession and her generosity went a long way toward helping many, many journalists. Jacki served on the Board of Directors from 2011 to 2013.

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